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The Strike series from Bandai Namco is a military science fiction first-person shooter video game and the fourth title in the main series. In this video...

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The Strike series from Bandai Namco is a military science fiction first-person shooter video game and the fourth title in the main series. In this video game you are in a space combat situation. You have to follow the missions of the CO who has been captured by an enemy faction. The gameplay of this game is focused on real time combat, stealth and strategy. You will have to use cover, hide and ambush your enemies to kill them with as little noise as possible. The missions you will be playing are mainly based on solving various tactical problems that can be resolved by using different strategies. This game has easy control, although it doesn’t feel very fast once you start playing it, but still it’s not bad at all. This game also includes some free roam elements in which you can freely explore planets and space stations but don’t forget that enemies can also appear unexpectedly so take caution at all

Modern gameplay, combined with classical mechanics is the main reason for the huge appeal of military games. The genre has helped many people pass their spare time in a constructive way. Numerous top military games have been released by developers over the years and it seems like no one can keep up with them. If you are also looking for some awesome shooting game then Stratagem will surely make you happy! The game is developed by Might And Delight and it is sure to leave you breathless with its graphics, animations, and sound

Action games are known to be very fast-paced, and this is one of the reasons why they’re so addicting. It’s not only about how fast you have to react but also about the level of reflexes you need to have. Many action games require quick thinking, in order to succeed. That’s why we created a list with 10 of the best action games for Android that will help you train those skills. From first person shooters to third person adventures, we have everything that an action game lover would

In a future not so distant, humans have been pushed to the brink of extinction. The human race is now forced to live in massive cities, separated by walls and airlocks. These airlocks are protected with Strike Cannons, which are filled with automated defense systems called Gates. Strike Command is a game where you command a team of soldiers through different missions set in different locations in the city, while trying to find ways to breach the walls and escape back into

The game is developed by the well-known game company, RYSE. It’s a first-person shooter game where you play as a squad leader in the US army and command different types of military units. The game has many missions and different maps to explore. In this blog, we will have a look at one of the best strategy games for Android known as Command Strike Strategy

How to play Command Strike FPS

Description Welcome to a new shooter game! Take part in a real commando mission! Here you’ll find classic and favorite features of shooting games. About Command Strike FPS: - various maps for battles - offline games modes: Deathmatch, Flag capture, Missions - weaponry: powerful guns & pistols - simple shooting controls - action-packed gameplay Use your skills to become a super soldier - get a gun and join battles! It’s time to complete special commando missions! Key Features offline modes 3 maps huge arsenal of guns special missions Instruction Keyboard: WASD G for grenade H for use first aid kit C for squat M1 for aim M2 for shooting SPACE for jump ESC for menu SCROLL WHEEL for change weapon

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