Cordovan is an innovative puzzle platformer that challenges players to navigate through a mesmerizing world filled with intricate puzzles and obstacles.

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About Cordovan

Cordovan is an innovative puzzle platformer that challenges players to navigate through a mesmerizing world filled with intricate puzzles and obstacles. Set in a whimsical universe, the game introduces a unique mechanic that adds a layer of complexity and creativity to the traditional platforming experience. Players take control of a charming character armed with the ability to create clones, opening up a myriad of possibilities to overcome challenges and progress through the game.


The core mechanic of Cordovan revolves around the protagonist's ability to create and control clones of themselves. Each clone behaves in sync with the player's movements, allowing for strategic and cooperative puzzle-solving. The player must utilize these clones to access areas that would be otherwise unreachable, activate switches, and overcome a variety of obstacles.


Cordovan features a wide range of puzzles that require both critical thinking and dexterity. Players will encounter pressure plates, locked doors, and unreachable platforms, among other challenges. The key to success lies in the strategic deployment and coordination of clones to solve each puzzle. As players progress, the complexity of puzzles increases, offering a satisfying and rewarding gameplay experience.


The game is set in a visually stunning world filled with vibrant colors, dynamic landscapes, and enchanting atmospheres. From lush forests to mysterious caverns, each level in Cordovan offers a unique and immersive environment. The diverse settings not only provide a captivating backdrop but also introduce new elements and challenges that keep the gameplay fresh and exciting.


Cordovan weaves an engaging narrative throughout the game, unfolding the story of the protagonist's quest to save their world from an impending threat. As players traverse through different environments, they will uncover the mysteries of the Cordovan universe, encountering quirky characters and unraveling the secrets behind the protagonist's extraordinary abilities.


Cordovan supports multiplayer mode, allowing friends to join forces and tackle the puzzles together. Cooperative gameplay adds an extra layer of strategy and coordination as players work together to overcome challenges. The game's clever level design ensures that multiplayer mode is not only enjoyable but also encourages teamwork and communication.


Cordovan stands out as a puzzle platformer that combines innovative gameplay mechanics with a captivating story and visually stunning environments. The ability to create and control clones adds a layer of depth to the genre, providing players with a fresh and engaging experience. With its challenging puzzles, enchanting world, and cooperative multiplayer option, Cordovan offers a delightful adventure for players seeking a unique and memorable gaming experience.

How to play Cordovan

Using Mouse and Keyboard

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