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Feeling Arrow is a captivating and emotionally immersive game that takes players on an introspective journey to explore the depths of human emotions...

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About Feeling Arrow

Feeling Arrow is a captivating and emotionally immersive game that takes players on an introspective journey to explore the depths of human emotions and self-discovery. Developed by a visionary indie studio, the game employs minimalist visuals and a unique gameplay mechanic to create a thought-provoking experience. As players embark on a metaphorical adventure guided by their feelings, they will uncover the power of emotions and learn more about themselves.

Plot and Gameplay:

In Feeling Arrow, players embody an enigmatic character known as the "Feeling Arrow." The game is set in a serene and dreamlike world, reminiscent of an abstract and symbolic landscape. There is no specific storyline to follow, as the game's primary focus is on the player's emotional journey.

Emotional Exploration:

The gameplay revolves around the exploration of emotions represented as vibrant and expressive abstract shapes and colors. Players must interact with these emotions, represented as floating entities, by shooting the Feeling Arrow at them. Each emotion elicits a unique response, triggering visual and auditory cues that reflect the underlying feelings.

Puzzle Elements:

As players navigate through the world of Feeling Arrow, they encounter intriguing puzzles that require them to use emotions strategically to progress. These puzzles may involve aligning emotional energies, triggering emotional bridges, or harmonizing conflicting feelings. The interplay of emotions and puzzle-solving fosters a deeper understanding of the human psyche and the complexity of emotions.

Self-Reflection and Choices:

Throughout the game, players confront moments of self-reflection and decision-making. As they interact with various emotions, they might encounter situations that mirror real-life dilemmas or challenges related to emotions and relationships. The choices made by players impact the character's emotional development and the visual and auditory ambiance of the game.

Meditative Experience:

Feeling Arrow offers a calming and meditative experience through its ambient soundtrack and serene visuals. The game encourages players to take their time, embrace their emotions, and allow themselves to be immersed in the journey of self-discovery.

Non-linear Narrative:

Unlike traditional linear narratives, Feeling Arrow adopts a non-linear approach, allowing players to explore emotions and self-discovery at their own pace and in their preferred order. Each playthrough is unique, fostering replayability and multiple perspectives on emotional exploration.


Feeling Arrow is an innovative and contemplative game that delves into the realm of emotions and self-discovery. With its minimalist visuals, ambient soundtrack, and non-linear narrative, the game invites players to embark on a personal and emotional journey. By interacting with abstract emotions and solving emotional puzzles, players gain insight into the depth and complexity of human feelings. Feeling Arrow serves as a reminder of the importance of acknowledging and understanding our emotions, ultimately fostering empathy and self-awareness.

How to play Feeling Arrow

Using Mouse and Keyboard

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