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This is the way of race car driving. It’s like you are in it. You have to be fast and steady at the same time with your racing car to win against your...

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This is the way of race car driving. It’s like you are in it. You have to be fast and steady at the same time with your racing car to win against your opponent. You need your own license, money and car to start this exciting journey of becoming a race car driver. Drive carefully and be strategically aware of other racers around you when you are out on the streets or race tracks in this fantastic car game for two players. There are no rules how to play this game because there are unique challenges for two players as well as solo players. This is an extreme racing simulation game where every corner has a limit and most likely, there will be roadblocks along the way that will slow down your progress considerably unless you have some extra skills, tricks and abilities to take over from your opponents. With more than 60 vehicles available for both casual and competitive races and more than 16 different tracks under different weather conditions, it’s quite a challenging journey when you think about managing all these factors at once especially if you are new to such games such as this one but with enough patience, dedication and determination, there is nothing impossible in this world as long as one keeps his or her head high. The only thing that matters in any situation is your decision on how to handle things rather than what to handle especially if it’s something so important like a new career in racing

Racing games are all fun but none of them can match the thrill of racing against another person. Whether it's some friendly competition or a full-blown race, nothing beats racing with another person. When you’re racing against someone else, you have to be on your game and that means keeping your opponent in check at all times. If you don’t, there’s always the risk of losing and getting finished off for good. You need to think fast, keep your opponent engaged at all times and make sure that he doesn’t get the chance to catch his breath. Racing against other players makes things a lot more interesting and that is why most top gaming brands have now created games where gamers can pit their wits against one another in races across different tracks. These games are known as racing simulators and they offer the ultimate experience when it comes to playing against friends or rivals. They simulate real car race tracks and real car models so you get an authentic gaming experience right from the start without having to buy anything

The 18-car grid is set and the drivers are hitting their straps. The track ahead is heavily greased, a light mist clings to the trees and the blue of the sky gives away to an overcast grey. It is time to start. This is a high octane race; anything less would be considered a disgrace by racing aficionados. The driver in front of you has just crossed the line, so take up your position behind them as well. There are two other racers on this track who should also pose no threat to you. As soon as you turn into the first corner, however, they will be right beside you. Then again when you cross the start line again at the end of it all. The other racers may not be trying too hard to overtake you but that doesn't mean their presence isn't going to have an effect on your car's handling and top

The Grand Prix racing genre has been a staple of video gaming for decades. It traces its origins back to the days of home computers, when gamers could race cars on their televisions. The genre has evolved considerably over time, but one thing remains the same: fans will play any game in this sub-genre that comes out, and there are many great titles to choose from today. If you’re looking for the best Grand Prix racing games on PC, then you’ve come to the right place. Read on as we list 10 great examples of this exciting sub-genre – from sports simulators like Forza Motorsport and Gran Turismo to arcade games like Outrun and New Super Mario Bros U. All of these games offer a unique take on the formula and will hopefully inspire you to check them out if you haven’t

Racing is the most exciting game you can play. If you happen to drive with a friend, it becomes even more thrilling. With two people behind the steering wheel and two engines roaring, this game becomes an ultimate adrenaline rush. The racing experience will be more authentic and realistic when played with another person in the

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Using Mouse

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