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You’re a kid in a monster school. The classes are filled with students, teachers and monsters. You don’t know anyone or anything, so you keep to yourself....

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You’re a kid in a monster school. The classes are filled with students, teachers and monsters. You don’t know anyone or anything, so you keep to yourself. This is going to be an interesting

You might have always been scared of the dark or the monster under your bed. You probably would have run away whenever you heard anyone talking about the old abandoned school or any other scary building in the neighborhood. You’re not alone; many people encounter these primal fears throughout their lifetime and they usually go away with time. But some just keep coming back over and over again, stronger each time they show up, until they finally break free. Are you ready for them? That’s right! It is time that you left your childhood behind and stepped into adulthood! As an adult now, you must take responsibility for your own actions as well as those around you. Parents may not be able as much as before to protect their children from everything that is out there in the big, bad world so it is up to you now to do what’s best for them. After all, isn’t it better to play it safe than sorry? At least that is what we

The mystery that is the Endless Woods has been left untouched for far too long. As a result, it has become overrun with various ghastly creatures that have taken up residence in the forest’s lush foliage and overgrown trees. The monsters are not the only things that have taken root in this place, however. For centuries, people have been tricking small children into going exploring so they can sell them as servants to the rich once they finally grow up. The monster school is just one such example of this practice. To make matters even more complicated, there is a new resident living in the Endless Woods: an ordinary kid named Taylor who has come from a very ordinary town called New Hope. He doesn’t know anything about the dangers of these woods; he certainly doesn’t know what he’ll be getting himself

The monsters of Monster School are always hungry and looking for new, unsuspecting victims. But they don’t want to eat your brains; they want you to join their school as a student! They need students to help keep the campus clean and organized, serve as model students in class, assist with research projects, act as a counselor for troubled students and - above all else - play sports against each other. The monsters at Monster School have created four different teams: The Faculty (science), The Students (arts), The Resident Advisors (career services) and The Roving Reptiles (biology). Which team will you choose? Join them today and start making friends in no

Today's the day where your school is going to have a football challenge between the two of us. The whole town will be watching and rooting for our team. However, this isn't just any football This is ZOMBIFIGHT! Everyone knows that there are strange things happening in this small town lately. A string of unsolved animal attacks, some kind of monster running But no one really knows what's going on or how to stop it. That is why the whole town has gathered today at the high school to play their own friendly football game against us, the monsters from across the

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