Noob: Zombie Prison Escape

Noob: Zombie Prison Escape is a comically entertaining mobile game that combines elements of puzzle-solving, strategy, and survival within the chaotic...

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About Noob: Zombie Prison Escape

Noob: Zombie Prison Escape is a comically entertaining mobile game that combines elements of puzzle-solving, strategy, and survival within the chaotic setting of a zombie-infested prison. Developed with a lighthearted approach, this game offers players an amusing and adventurous experience where they must navigate through absurd challenges, outwit zombies, and ultimately, escape from prison. In Noob: Zombie Prison Escape, players are invited to embrace their inner noob and conquer the zombie apocalypse with humor and creativity.


In Noob: Zombie Prison Escape, players assume the role of an endearing and bumbling "noob" character who finds themselves trapped in a prison overrun by goofy yet relentless zombies. The game combines humor with survival elements as players embark on a mission to outsmart the undead and secure their freedom.

Key Features:

  1. Hilarious Noob Character: Take control of an amusing and hapless "noob" character who faces bizarre situations and comical challenges throughout the game.

  2. Zany Puzzles: Solve a variety of zany puzzles and challenges to progress through the prison and escape. These puzzles often involve the clever use of objects, interactions with fellow inmates, and creative problem-solving.

  3. Zombie Shenanigans: Interact with a diverse cast of zombies, each with its quirks and personalities. Engage in hilarious encounters with these goofy zombies as you attempt to outwit them.

  4. Prison Exploration: Explore the prison's wacky and unconventional environment, filled with unexpected surprises and humorous interactions.

  5. Gadgets and Contraptions: Utilize a range of makeshift gadgets and contraptions to aid your escape attempts. From improvised weapons to bizarre tools, you'll need to get creative to survive.

  6. Absurd Collectibles: Discover absurd collectibles and hidden Easter eggs scattered throughout the prison, adding an extra layer of fun and exploration.

  7. Story-Driven Humor: Immerse yourself in a lighthearted and comedic narrative as you interact with other quirky inmates and follow the noob's journey to escape the prison.

  8. Timed Challenges: Complete timed challenges and mini-games that test your reflexes and decision-making skills, all while maintaining the game's comedic tone.


Noob: Zombie Prison Escape is a game that offers players a refreshing and hilarious take on the zombie apocalypse genre. With its comical noob character, zany puzzles, absurd challenges, and humorous interactions, the game promises a side-splitting and enjoyable gaming experience. Whether you're a fan of puzzle-solving, survival games, or simply looking for a good laugh, Noob: Zombie Prison Escape invites you to embrace your inner noob and embark on a quirky and entertaining journey to escape the prison and outsmart the undead. Prepare to laugh, think creatively, and enjoy an adventure like no other in this delightfully comedic take on the zombie apocalypse.

How to play Noob: Zombie Prison Escape

Using Mouse and Keyboard

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