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Running, jumping and collecting fruit is a great way to stay fit. With our popular Running Panda game, we help you with that! Join this cute panda in...

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Running, jumping and collecting fruit is a great way to stay fit. With our popular Running Panda game, we help you with that! Join this cute panda in his quest to collect as many apples and strawberries as he can while avoiding pits and other obstacles. Don't fall or let the red fox catch you! Be fast and run your way through the forest to feed this hungry panda. Let's see how many levels of challenging adventure we can get him through! We also have several other animal games that you will

You're an elephant and you have to run! Run as far as you can while avoiding all those dangers that come your way. An endless runner in which you'll have to show all your skills if you want to stay alive. Watch out for the cliff, or you’ll fall down and die! Aside from falling, there are other things that will kill you. Stay away from the tiger, snakes, and bees at all costs. Also beware of being caught in a trap or contracting a disease from being near a sick elephant. If that doesn’t sound like enough danger for you, there are also angry villagers who will throw their spears at you if they get the chance. But fear not - with some quick reflexes and good luck, you should be able to stay alive and run until the end of this extremely challenging

If you're looking for something new and exciting, look no further. Running Elephant Run is a fast-paced side scrolling game with pixel-perfect graphics, challenging levels, and an addictive gameplay. You play as an elephant in the beautiful jungle that needs to avoid scary predators while collecting coins and bananas. Are you ready to run? Let’s

Running from the castle, running through the forest and running on top of a tower – this little elephant will do all this and more to escape his tormenters. But that’s no simple task, for the hunters are fast and their traps are numerous. Lead the pachyderm through mazes, forests, towers and even an ancient temple to help him evade capture once and for all. This HTML5 side-scrolling platform game has everything you can expect from this genre: danger lurking at every corner, tricky jumps that require precision and timing, plenty of hidden passages to discover as well as enemies who will not hesitate to attack you if you give them a chance. But don’t worry – hidden in each level there are hearts that will restore your HP (Health Points). Moreover, if you collect coins during your playthrough you can buy upgrades between levels which will make things easier for you next time around. Good

Run, Elephant, Run is an arcade game where you play as an elephant trying to collect bananas and avoid falling rocks. To do this, you have to run side-scrolling style and jump over the falling rocks. As you progress through the levels, the difficulty increases. If you love challenging games that are packed with action and suspense, you’ll love Run, Elephant, Run! This game will keep you on your toes as you try to dodge falling rocks and collect bananas. Do you have what it takes to beat all 40 levels? Prove

How to play Run Elephant Run

Controls Left and right arrow keys = move Up arrow key = jump

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