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Stickman Parkour Master is an exhilarating and addictive mobile game that has captured the hearts of players worldwide with its unique blend of precision...

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About Stickman Parkour Master

Stickman Parkour Master is an exhilarating and addictive mobile game that has captured the hearts of players worldwide with its unique blend of precision, agility, and creative level design. Developed by a small indie game studio, this title offers an adrenaline-pumping experience that challenges players to push their limits and master the art of parkour through the eyes of a stick figure character.


The core gameplay of Stickman Parkour Master revolves around the art of parkour, an athletic discipline that involves running, jumping, and climbing through urban environments with fluidity and grace. In this game, players control a stick figure character who navigates various obstacle-filled levels. The controls are simple and intuitive, allowing players to perform a wide range of parkour moves with ease.

The game features a series of increasingly challenging levels, each designed with precision and creativity. Players must use their parkour skills to traverse rooftops, leap across gaps, slide under obstacles, and perform breathtaking stunts. Timing and precision are crucial as one misstep can result in the stickman falling and having to restart the level.


  1. Diverse Levels: Stickman Parkour Master boasts a wide variety of levels, from urban rooftops to industrial complexes, each offering a unique set of challenges and obstacles.

  2. Parkour Moves: Players can perform a range of parkour moves, including wall jumps, flips, rolls, and more. Mastering these moves is essential for progressing through the game.

  3. Customization: The game allows players to customize their stickman character with different outfits and accessories, adding a personal touch to their gaming experience.

  4. Leaderboards: Compete against friends and players from around the world for the top spot on the global leaderboards, showcasing your parkour skills.

  5. Daily Challenges: Stickman Parkour Master keeps players engaged with daily challenges that test their skills and offer rewards for completing them.

  6. Power-Ups: Unlock and use power-ups that enhance your stickman's abilities, helping you tackle the toughest levels.

  7. Responsive Controls: The game's controls are highly responsive, ensuring that players can execute complex maneuvers with precision.

Community and Social Interaction:

One of the key strengths of Stickman Parkour Master is its active and engaged community. Players can share their achievements, tricks, and high scores on social media platforms, fostering healthy competition and a sense of community among players.


Stickman Parkour Master is a captivating and addictive mobile game that immerses players in the thrilling world of parkour. With its simple yet challenging gameplay, creative level design, and a strong sense of community, it has become a must-play title for gamers of all ages. Whether you're a parkour enthusiast or just looking for a fun and challenging gaming experience, Stickman Parkour Master is sure to deliver hours of excitement and entertainment. Strap on your virtual running shoes and embark on a parkour adventure like no other!

How to play Stickman Parkour Master

Using Mouse and Keyboard

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