Have you ever played a game and simply couldn’t stop playing it? Pixel games are like that for you. It’s like you were born to play that game and can’t...

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Have you ever played a game and simply couldn’t stop playing it? Pixel games are like that for you. It’s like you were born to play that game and can’t get enough of it. Pixel games are everywhere these days, from your phone to your computer. And, as a result, people are getting pretty obsessed with them. They’re perfect for passing time and killing some brain cells. You’ll find pixel games of all kinds in this article. From arcade games to classic computer games, from endless runners to racing games, you name it and you’ll find it here. Read on to learn more about these addictive video

Who needs Mario when you have Pixel? Pixel is an arcade-style platformer featuring an 80s aesthetic. The game centers around Robot, a customizable pixel character that can be used to solve puzzles. The player can choose from three different robot forms to solve the puzzles: Wall, Wire and Bridge. Each robot has its own abilities, and the way to progress is to use them to their fullest potential. There are a variety of different enemies to fight and traps to avoid, as well as keys and switches to find. Wiring together various objects and characters is required to solve the levels. Gameplay is set in a side-scrolling 2D environment. Player can only move to the right or left. Movement is controlled by left and right arrow keys. Collecting coins and killing enemies will allow player to purchase upgrades that will help him in his

The year is 2060 and the world has become a dangerous place. Terrorists have infiltrated the cities, wreaking havoc and terrorizing the innocent. You are part of the Anti Crime Unit of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP), and your ultimate goal is to eliminate all threats and restore peace to the nation. Now, you can relive the exciting and thrilling experience of being a police officer in the virtual world by downloading the free-to-play urban crime simulator, RCMP: Street Ops

In this game you need to help Pixel and his friends to reach the end of the level. Avoid the enemies and traps and climb to the top of the level. Shoot the blocks and collect points to go to the next level. Each level has a different theme and has its own obstacles for you to overcome. Dodge the traps and enemies and reach the end of the level to unlock the next one. Good luck! Control: Use mouse to

Do you like running? Do you like running and jumping? Then this game is for you! You must run as far as you can while avoiding the obstacles on your way. There will be walls, ladders, ropes, and bars that will stop you in your tracks. But you must keep running! How far can you

How to play Skywire

Controls Up arrow key = move forward Down arrow key = move backward

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